Ever since 2005, Luoke has been developing and manufacturing anaerobic adhesives. Now we can offer you equivalents for most items of Henkel Loctite anaerobic adhesives(threadlocking, threadsealing, retaining, gasketing, structual adhesive). And we also offer ODM or OEM service according to requirements from clients.

We registered ISO9001 and ISO14001, our products have acquired certificates such as REACH, PAHS, POHS, RoHS, SGS and etc..

For details of certain item(s) please check the Product Categories as follow.


1. Item guidanceLK222 (Loctite 222 equivalent)low strength,used for threads between M2 and M8(better if below M6). Easy removal with ordinary tools.LK242 (Loctite 242 equivalent)medium strength,… >>MORE

Industrial Thread Sealant

1. Item GuidanceLK542 ( Loctite 542 equivalent )LK542 hydraulic sealant is a liquid sealant recommended for sealing the fine threads of hydraulic and pneumatic connectors.LK545 ( Loctite 545 equivalent )low str… >>MORE

Liquid Teflon

Liquid Teflon ( Liquid Thread Sealant with PTFE )liquid teflon is cost-effective thread sealant suitable for civil applications such as plumbings and air conditionings. With excellent sealing performance and easy operation, it is … >>MORE

Gasket Sealant

1. Item SelectionLK510 ( Loctite 510 equivalent )Thixotropic viscosity, resistance to medium, good rigidity after curing. It is used for sealing of surface in high temperature conditions and sealing of flange with tightly assorted ri… >>MORE

Retaining Compound

1. Item guidanceLK603 ( loctite 603 equivalent )fast cure, high strength, for bonding of cylindrical parts(gap around 0.13mm) where consistently clean surfaces cannot be assured.LK609  ( loctite 609 equivalent )high strength,… >>MORE

Cost-effective Anaerobic Adhesive

1. Item guidanceLK5050 ( alternative for Loctite 609 )Low viscosity, universal type, high strength, good medium resistance. For transition or clearance fit. Fixed keys and shaft, bearings, bushings, suitable for holding gap less than… >>MORE

Anaerobic Structural Adhesive

1. Item guidanceLK324 ( Loctite 324 equivalent )Impact resistance. For bonding most materials, used with the accelerator LK7649, perfect adhesive for large gaps. Robust, flexible, excellent solvent resistance.LK5319 ( Locti… >>MORE
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